DOWNLOAD Fnessnej - Stay Fresh, Ey OMFG

Fnessnej, a band of Heroes, has released their full length Album on Soundlcoud. You can go there, stop by, listen to some Tracks, comment and leave with their album in your downloader. Why? Not only, because they are some of the nicest and best looking people on earth, no! The Band released their Album 2 years ago with an awesome releaseparty (one of the best partys I've ever been to). And now, after 2 years, they wanted to share it with you and your friends, who probably do not know them! So, show them. REALLY!

My Heart To Joy - Seasons In Verse AND The World is a Beautiful Place & I am No Longer Afraid to Die

First I was impressed, then I thought "why the hell did they let this singer sing in this awesome band???" and after that I flew on a trip of awesomeness through a space of gigantic music, which I really enjoyed and still do.
Ever mixed some post-rockish band with early Against Me!? No? They did. Powerlike 230%!

I found this band because they are playing a show together with another great Band called "The World is a Beautiful Place & I am No Longer Afraid to Die".

Pretty long name, but they are so right. Especially, when you listen to them, everything seems to be more beautiful.

Listen to both Bands. They are very cool in their own special way.

WOWMG! Candy Warhol released a remix of the great Okta Logue

Candy Warhol is an awesome musician, filmmaker and friend.

He has released ä remix of Okta Logues Decay! Eat that remix twice or more. It has so much potential, a chewing gum could never reach it!

And do not forget to give Okta Logue a try. Their newest album is called "Ballads of a Burden". They are so cool dudes.
Thank you!

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